This is Chuck Young...(Lookin' good, Chuck!)

In the 1980s, Chuck was living and loving life in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL. He spent his days at Leo Burnett discussing ad research with a consumer insights team, tossing around words and numbers like a crazed mathematician all the while wondering where the insights were. Don’t get us wrong, words and numbers are fine. And believe you me, Chuck uses them a lot…A whole lot…And, well, we use them too.

But, to Chuck it just didn’t seem like enough.

He talked to creative people about creative but where were the pictures? The stories? The emotions?

Chuck was working to figure out a way to put non-verbal feedback into an entire advertising research system. A research system now called Ameritest.

Next thing you know, he took his wife, his kids, and Ameritest to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He began gathering a bunch of smart people…A bunch of really smart people…A bunch of really smart, witty, extremely helpful and terribly attractive people (see ‘Our Team’)

These people spend every waking hour thinking about brand communications, watching ads, and digging for insights so that we can deliver research that helps you see things that words and numbers alone can’t… Unexplored brand territories, how your ads are performing and why and where you can look to fix them, and how it’s all stacking up in market.

And the system works so well we use it to measure almost everything! Well, not everything. But brand strategy, TV, print, radio, social and digital ads, billboards, packages, in market success…you get the picture.

Want to find out more? Want to get to know us better? Watch the video!