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Promotion of Abigail Hollister to President

US-based ad and brand communication research specialist Ameritest has promoted Abigail Hollister to the role of company President.

Ameritest 8.14.2018

Ameritest will be participating as a sponsor at TMRE

TMRE is the #1 event for consumer insights leaders, arming you with the skill-sets, tool-kits, and connections you need to translate insights into bottom line impact.

Ameritest 8.14.2018

MRMW Europe 2018 - The Rise of Digital Disruption

We are pleased to announce that Ameritest will be exhibiting at the upcoming MRMW Europe conference which will take place on September 5-6 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ameritest 5.15.2018

13 Top Full-Service Research Companies

When it comes to conducting a research project, there are many things you need to consider. Arguably, the most difficult task is trying to find a research company that can help you with all aspects of your project

Ameritest 5.14.2018

A Twisted Story: The Power Of Unexpected Turns In Advertising

Brands can use the power of storytelling to help consumers internalize the facts and shape their perceptions about the brand.

Carolyn Stewart 02.12.2018

Bridging the academic-practice gap through big data research

The proliferation of advances in technology and communication have led to the formation of “big data” research and the argument that big data will ...

Brian Gillespie, Christian Otto, Charles Young

Connecting The Dots: How Brands Can Play In The Political Arena

When a brand tries to play in the political space, it needs to follow the rules of the game. What are some of these rules and how fine is the line between winning and losing?

Vicky Wilson 1.11.2018

What's the Reality of Your Perception?

How our perceptions can rule our decisions.

Becarren Schultz 8.16.2017

Ameritest Hire Expands Chicago Presence

Emily Higgins named as VP of Client Services

Media Post 5.11.2017

What Advertisers Learned From A Little Monkey

Researchers better understand the "bite and smile" and how it impacts consumers.

Sonya Duran 3.02.2017

Root Your Brand in Consumer Memory

Reach consumer's three memory systems through your advertising.

Jodie Lord 3.1.2017

Storytelling Helps Brand

As believers in the power of Story, we evaluate advertising through the storyteller's lens. This AdWeek article shows the ROI of storytelling.

Emma Bazilian 1.16.2017

5 Advertising Tips to Keep in Mind in 2017

Get back to the basics. No amount of dazzle beats the ABCs and 123s of advertising.

Sonya Duran 1.04.2017

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